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Remembering the king of clowns Leonid Yengibaryan, in front of your eyes appeared an image of a young man of a unique talent with pleasant features, transparent soul of the baby and kind eyes, whom many generations must consider to be their teacher whose always young art still has a long way to pass.
Not only you are a clown, but also a pantomime artist of the highest class,'' said the head of the theater Ladislav Fialka- a Czech playwright, director and actor Irji Suhi recalls: ''At the theater'',    ''In Zabradle” Yengibaryan appeared before us like a genius mime, absolutely without fearing to use that word.''

Two years later, in 1965, again in Prague, Yengibaryan won the highest award of the international competition of clowns - big crystal cup. Five days lasted a match, and he won - for the originality of artistic decisions and good humor. And in 1966 he received the first prize - a crystal cup ''Grand Prize''- already at the international competition's top pantomimes. In his homeland, he twice became the winner of competitions of circus artists, but a triumph of outside the Soviet Union gave him feel not only the taste of recognition, but also freedom; with eager to sign a contract and arrange a tour around the world ... but, worth a gold bird re-entry into the cell door was closed forever – Yengibaryan restricted to leave. Lived and worked ''without insurance,” to wear. His heart could not bear the load.

The world-famous clown had a very short life. Even shorter was his creative activity. The actor said goodbye to life when he just turned 37 years old, but he has already been awarded all the laurels of his art. He was the king of clowns, the winner of many international competitions, won a truly nation-wide love Yengibaryan had something to say and all that presents the viewer imagination, carrying it through the crucible engibaryanic distinctive style and exceptional ability. In the art of clowning L. Yengibaryan brought new thinking, with what a clown in the art has become a phenomenon. He still gave people laugh, but as art, creative thinking and philosophizing individual who speaks on behalf of Time and Truth. A clown should make you laugh, he’s always been a buffoon, but defiant clown of all times and before all kings. He was the only one who spoke the truth in the face of the Kings - on one occasion said Yengibaryan.
The distinguished actor was worried and thought he shared with his contemporaries, therefore, sought to privacy. Not by accident he wrote his scripts, made his statement and he sang them. School of Art, which he followed, was life itself. '' Without any isms, curves and vibration ...'ll be on hand thou eat bread'': - he wrote in the miniature " creativity."

Yengibaryan socialized with people judiciously and extensively, about which the famous Czech artist Miroslav Gornichek said: ''Thousands come, all the time talking without saying anything. He came in silence, but all said.'' It is written almost as well as on the tombstone of incomparable Gaspar Deburau.'' Here lies one who said all without saying a word.'' Yengibaryan - art believed that the theatrical arts of pantomime magician becomes a phenomenon that is new, new language will say the most difficult and original about good and evil, light and shadow, time and conscience.

Being a well-known art critic esthete- Yengibaryan was full of ideas not only in the arena. In his spare time, he thought his lyrical and tender prose and shared with readers.
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